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Some of my more recent projects are not public, but below is a sample of projects I've enjoyed working on.


Computer Vision

A project with Dr. Michael Cormier; incorporates machine learning into an image classification model. Improved accuracy by 40% using a CNN, and 52% using a novel approach I proposed. Results to be published.

Vintage Theater Glasses

Decoding the Ancients

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Project with Dr. Bruce Robertson involving Machine Translation with an ancient language. Data were collected as XML and then cleaned with Beautiful Soup. The model was trained using Amazon's Sockeye on a GPU. On hold due to insufficient data: currently over 100 cleaned XML documents comprising around 100,000 words

Astronomical Clock

On Distant Shores

Web Based Travel Planner

Developed a web-enabled travel planner as per client specifications incorporating material design and SOLID principles. Used Java Spring API with Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The product was selected as most likely to be used by the client among.

Planning Travels
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